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Fantascific! Woodlands


Artwork In brief

The Fantascific! -series is dedicated to crafting a hybrid ’Frankenstein’ where the past and future, myths and visions, fantasy and science fiction intertwine. By utilizing a library of images, video, and music, it aims to create immersive worlds that transport viewers to a realm, where imagination reigns supreme.

”Mysterious Woodlands” video begins in a seemingly conventional fantasy forest, but as we venture deeper into the woods, it unveils progressively stranger marvels – remnants of a wrecked ship, an enigmatic UFO landing zone, antiquated mechanical robots and an array of increasingly bizarre creatures that defy all expectations. The accompanying 60 image collection includes numerous additional forest scenes to further immerse viewers in this mysteriously alluring world.

The music for the video is track ”Higher Gardens” from Orchestra Impossible’s debut album ”Anatomy of an Idea” (2022).