Olio Imaginarium

Exploring Imagination | Generative Artwork

Ilkka Olander, also known as ”Olio Imaginarium”, is a generative artist exploring imagination through endless stylistic research. At the core of his work is the concept of a media library, which is used in various ways to create immersive audiovisual worlds, diverse perspectives or narratives, and elements of surprise.

Drawing from an ever-expanding array of influences, Olio Imaginarium mixes everything from historical fine art movements to popular pulp comics, baroque maximalism to modern minimalism, abstract expressionism to hyperrealistic representations. He loves surreal, unexpected outcomes and seeks playful contrasts between the elements of his artwork.


Ilkka Olander, also known as ”Olio Imaginarium”, explores imagination through generative art. It is a project of endless research – recombining historical styles and inventing new ones. Drawing from a vast palette of influences, he mashes up anything from renaissance fine art to raw street graffiti, organic brushwork to digital pixel manipulation, futuristic scifi visions to vintage nostalgia. He seeks to establish visual dialogue between contrasting elements, creating a playground of delightful juxtapositions.

Olio Imaginarium thrives on the element of surprise, persistently defying categorization and refusing to be defined by earlier work or expectations. He strives to ignite the imagination by embracing the unexpected, always searching for happy accidents that have the potential to challenge conventions.

Media library

At the core of his work lies the concept of a media library. At its most fundamental level, this means that his works always consist of a collection of images rather than a single image. This approach aims to construct something more intricate and immersive than what a solitary image could convey.  However, media libraries can encompass much more than just images. They can incorporate music, sound, video, and narrative elements, as seen in the piece ”Layers of Memory” (2012). This artwork generates millions of story variations by layering creatively the diverse elements in the media library. Olio Imaginarium explores potential of the media library as a creative medium, and a narrative and generative tool. To delve deeper into the subject of media libraries in generative artwork, refer to his thesis ”Layers of Memory” (in finnish).


In Finnish, ”Olio” translates to ”a being,” hence ”Olio Imaginarium” can be interpreted as ”a being that imagines.” In Latin, ”Olio” refers to ”oil,” a smooth liquid that facilitates the flow of imagination. Oil cannot be contained; it perpetually flows, lending a seamless quality to every interaction and permeating into hard-to-reach spaces. Thus, it serves as a perfect metaphor for creative exploration.

The music featured in most of his works is composed by his cinematic filmscore project, ”Orchestra Impossible.” It’s worth noting his initials ”O” and ”I” are present in both names.


Ilkka Olander is a generative artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He has long career as a graphic designer, web designer, photographer and music producer. His artwork draws from his extensive experience at the intersection of visuals and music.

To streamline his workflow, he incorporates artificial intelligence alongside traditional methods like photography and image processing to create the imagery for his artworks. It is important for him, though, that AI remains just one tool in his arsenal, and all the artwork is designed and crafted by hand to a significant degree.


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