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Liquid Sculptures


Artwork In brief

Influenced by the greats of cubism, such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, ”Liquid Sculptures” (2023) introduces a new visual language with bold color schemes, contemporary minimal aesthetics, sleek gradients, and a mixture of 2D/3D abstraction. 

One of the most significant trends in contemporary web design has been the enduring popularity of minimalism, continuing well over a decade. Drawing from my personal  background in web design, I sought to incorporate these familiar minimalist styles into a cubist artwork. As a result, I applied fresh and bold color schemes intended for digital displays, along with sleek geometric forms and subtle gradients to enhance the three-dimensional impression. Furthermore, I took subjects from a high fashion context, intertwining them with ”futuristic mythological” motifs, thereby exploring future notions of beauty.

In a playful nod, I decided to call the fusion ”21st-century-cubism”.