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Space Cowboys


Artwork In brief

Meet the Space Cowboys, reborn explorers of the space age. In this hilarious cocktail of the past and the future, the realms of the wild west and science fiction get mixed up in various ways.

The mysterious cowboys, often portrayed as enigmatic solitary figures, embody righteousness and heroism, yet remain fundamentally disconnected from society. They wander alone through vast landscapes of the Wild West, traversing barren plains, treacherous canyons, and ghost towns, tirelessly upholding justice in lawless territories.

The concept of ’Space Cowboys’ originated from the idea of transporting these mythic characters into the future, immersing them in a similar setting—the wild expanses in the frontiers of the universe. The illustrations depict the cowboys fearlessly riding into a black hole with their trusted horse, enjoying a drink at a galactic saloon, arriving at a deserted space train station on the edge of the universe, showing off their lasso skills with bizarre space machinery, and cruising through the cosmos in their wacky antiquated mechanical space vehicles.

Stylistically, the artwork draws inspiration from both the past and the future, blending the aesthetics of western pulp comics with the visionary worlds of science fiction. Additionally, a touch of fine art elegance from the baroque era is present, particularly evident in the meticulously crafted costumes and vehicles.